about illuminated glass

Print onto glass enable you to create evenly illuminated kitchen splashbacks and wall art. All made from a wide variety of translucent materials.
All Printing onto glass lighting and finished products are plug & play, making them easy for you or your contractor to install.
An illuminated kitchen splashback is an alternative to a ceiling light or lights that are integrated in kitchen cabinets. It also combines the practical, specifically splashback protection, with a design element – all of which can be customized according to personal taste.

An alternative to tiles

Even light distribution

The result is an absolutely evenly illuminated surface

This technology creates a pleasant, glare-free illumination – perfect for working or simply spending time in the kitchen. Printing onto glass customers have a choice of many different variants for illuminated kitchen back walls: for example, a white splashback protection which is then completely illuminated in color, or a color-printed version with a theoretically unlimited choice of motifs – from plants to structures to landscapes.